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Discover Authentic Mykonos: Unexpected Highlights on an Island True to its Roots

Beyond the surface delights, Mykonos is a magnificent place to unveil cultural riches, historical marvels, and architectural treasures. Organize a day or two to discover off-the-beaten-path wonders beyond the typical perceptions of partying and beaches. 

Delight in the harmonious blend of ancient and modern elements as you traverse through quaint villages, scenic churches, local attractions, festivities, and witness all the traditional charm of streets, flea markets, and Cycladic timeless landmarks!


Capture Mykonos landscape: The Island of the Wind(mills)!

Admire the iconic windmills, their distinctive silhouette recognizable anywhere. Create life-time mémoires with strike-a-pose photos! Find the fabulous trademarks clustered in Little Venice, or around Alefkandra. Visit early in the morning, after a night out, or at dusk for a magical view. Several windmills have been renovated, whereas the renowned Bonis Windmill even serves as a museum.

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Embark on a modern Odyssey: Delos & Rinia Island Escapade

Explore Delos’ archaeological wonders, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Wander among ancient temples, marketplaces, and the famous marble guardian lions from the 6th century BC! Enhance your stay with a day cruise to Rinia for snorkeling and swimming, a unique Mykonos adventure. Add this exceptional combination of Delos’ historical marvels and Rinia’s natural allure to your agenda and get ready for a truly exceptional experience!

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Trust an enlightening excursion and explore Mykonos maritime history

Embark on a 1-hour expedition, and discover beautiful settings while delving into the island’s rich naval past. The historic lighthouse, a cherished landmark of Mykonos since 1891, stands tall at 19 meters, providing a focal plane of 184 meters atop a small hill. Transfers to/from your hotel or the port are included, ensuring a worry-free journey to the tour destination. Traveling along a gently sloping road from Agios Stefanos, you’ll be treated to majestic scenery! 

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Embrace nostalgia: A walk-through exhibition of local photographers

Embark on a journey through the inaugural local art exhibition in the streets of Chora and Ano Mera, featuring prominent artworks through the lens of local photographers under the theme of ‘Familiar – Unfamiliar.’ Walk through the Old Port, visit the Museum of Folklore, and explore the Road of the Holy Monastery of Theotokos Turliani. Experience an original photographic experience, and delve deeper into nostalgic moments of a charming, vivid past!

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Cine Manto: Where film lovers unite under the stars

Looking for an enchanting, alternative open-air cinema experience for your night-out? Head to Cine Manto, tucked into a hidden garden oasis in the heart of Mykonos Town. Enjoy first-release movies in their original versions, usually in English, starting at 9 p.m. daily. Escape the summer heat and crowds at the all-day cafe-bar where you can relax with a coffee, drink, or meal while gazing at the most wonderful nightfall!

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Local feasts and scenic churches: Taste the tradition, unveil the beauty!

Discover Mykonos’ 600 churches and immerse yourself in the devout atmosphere amidst vibrant crowds! The larger churches commemorate their patron saints with extravagant “paniyiri” (feast day celebrations), while smaller ones host more intimate gatherings. Feel welcomed at all occasions! Enjoy delicious tastes of bread, wine, flavourful soup made from a sheep specially chosen for the occasion, as well as meatballs, savory louza (dry-cured ham), mouthwatering onion pie, and fried salted cod with garlic mash. Absolutely fantast-y-c!

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Pagka market: Shop (and talk) like a local expert!

Experience authentic local life at Pagka (Greek for “bench”)—a bustling fishermen and farmers’ market held every morning from 7 am to 2 pm (except Sundays) at the Old Port. Locals and chefs come here to buy fresh products and socialize. Take a leisurely stroll and engage in community chatter while surrounded by lively fruits and vegetables! Don’t miss this opportunity to plunge into a vibrant atmosphere that offers a true glimpse into the heart of Mykonos.

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Spend magical moments @ Villa Mystique, a haven of enigmatic allure

Book your stay at Villa Mystique of Seablue Villas’s 5-star unique complex, situated high above the hills at a most beautiful and panoramic location, overlooking the endless blue of the horizon.

Gaze at the islands of Delos, Rhenia and other islets sprinkled in the horizon that form a spectacular setting for the most photogenic sunset of your life! Relax in the sleek swimming pool with magnificent sea-view. The studio is built in traditional, Cycladic architecture, in typical Myconian style. Admire the superb furnishings and fabrics dress the whole in a simple but highly effective décor of white and blue amid a landscaped garden and pool setting.

Enjoy food and drinks on the terrace, complete with all amenities for sunbathing! Laze away the time on loungers or built-in benches, while immersing yourself in the truly magical view. The communal pool area, located on the middle level, features built-in benches and sunbeds, all adorned with delightful cushions that transport you to faraway, dreamy places. Find a scene of authenticity that seamlessly blends with the island’s captivating allure.

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