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Take a Virtual Tour of Blue Mountain Guesthouse in Aráchova

Blue Mountain is a five apartment guesthouse in Aráchova. Arachova is mountainous village nestled picturesquely at the foot of Mt. Parnassós in Southern Greece. The most cosmopolitan winter destination for ski lovers, celebrities and winter tourism. Arachova is one of the biggest resorts in Greece not only known for its[…]

The Perfect Winter Guide to Arachova

Arachova, the ‘emerald’ town in the mountains of central Greece, is a perfect destination for those who love nature, adventure, cuisine, and shopping. When winter comes, Arachova transforms into a paradise of snow, flavors, fashion, and fun! Besides being a celebrated ski resort with splendid views of the frosty peaks[…]

From Island Hopping to Island Shopping: Your Ultimate Fashion Guide in Mykonos for High-End Experience!

The allure of Mykonos extends beyond its vibrant nightlife and breathtaking beaches. If you consider yourself an original “shopping connoisseur,” you’ll soon discover that Mykonos is the ultimate retail destination for both international and local brands! Delve deeper into the following guide from upscale boutiques to exquisite local stores and[…]

The Magic of Athens

  City of Athens – A Portrait of a Changing Metropolis from Alexandros Maragos on Vimeo. Let the images of this video travel you to the vivid capital of Greece.

Mykonos: Reasons to visit the beautiful Greek island

Mykonos is part of a cluster of islands including Delos, Rhenia and some rocky islets. Mykonos, already inhabited since the 5th millennium B.C. (prehistoric settlement of Ftelia), has shared with them a long and copious history with them. Its intense tourist and cosmopolitan activity, which has continiously kept Mykonos in[…]