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The Perfect Winter Guide to Arachova

Arachova, the ‘emerald’ town in the mountains of central Greece, is a perfect destination for those who love nature, adventure, cuisine, and shopping. When winter comes, Arachova transforms into a paradise of snow, flavors, fashion, and fun!

Besides being a celebrated ski resort with splendid views of the frosty peaks and valleys, Arachova also boasts beautiful, surrounding villages, inviting taverns, refined hotels, and sleek and trendy shops. Whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway, cultural immersion, or a thrilling experience, Arachova caters to all tastes.

Follow our guide, and make the most out of your visit to Arachova and its surroundings, the winter gems of Greece.


Explore Pavliani, the Village of Fun: From Swings and Games to the Iron Throne

Pavliani Park is a natural park in Pavliani, a village in Central Greece, near Mount Oeta, something more than 1 hour from Arachova. It was created 30 years ago by the villagers for the youth. Embark on a journey through Pavliani Park’s vibrant tapestry of trees and colors.

Pavliani Arachova

Cross whimsical bridges, follow signs, and engage in activities that blend skill and surprise. The park is a popular destination for families and children, who can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Asopos River, the waterfalls, and the old trees. Swing high, play sports, explore treehouses, and embrace adventure in this enchanting Greek retreat.

Hike through a forest of fir and other trees to the “Throne of Zeus”, a scenic spot with an “Iron Throne” replica. After all that fun, relax at the “Casa de Papel” canteen with a drink or a mulled wine on sofas and poufs, under impressive heaters that look like mushrooms!
Casa de Papel: +6934900539


Discover Agoriani, a Relaxing and Scenic Alternative to Arachova, with Nature Trails and a Charming Square

Escape to nature in Agoriani and Kato Agoriani, two enchanting mountain villages just 30 minutes away from Arachova. Agoriani is officially named Eptalofos, as the settlement’s houses are built on seven lush hills.


Explore the lush forests, springs, waterfalls, and panoramic views. Follow the Agorianitis river to a small but spectacular waterfall, tucked away among the lush vegetation. Marvel at the beauty and tranquility of this spot, one of the village’s attractions.

Sip a coffee at Aelia espresso bar, stroll through the quaint squares, browse for local products and souvenirs, and relish delicious food at traditional restaurants. Settle at Griza Arkouda, or Kyr Giannis, and taste well-prepared lamb shanks with spaghetti, exceptional pork chops, and perfectly grilled meat cooked from the finest local recipes of the region. Savor coffee, brunch, and homemade sweets at Aelia, a cozy café-bar in Agoriani. Admire the wood decoration, the bistro feeling, and the view of the cobblestone square. Snuggle by the fireplace on the second floor in winter. Join the spontaneous parties that start here at night.
Aelia Espresso Bar: +30 2234 061450
Griza Arkouda: +30 22340 61277
Kyr Giannis: +30 22340 61368

Indulge Yourself in Arachova, the Supreme Holiday Shopping Heaven

When it comes to luxurious and festive shopping, Arachova is the supreme holiday shopping heaven, especially with Christmas approaching! Admire the decorations and the festive lights that adorn the main street, where most of the village’s shops are located.

Visit Indigo a chic boutique located very close to the central square of Lakka, for stylish shopping, fashionable clothing, elegant accessories, and fine jewelry. Stop by Best Active and Snow Republic, two specialized stores, for ski equipment and sports goods, and dress like a “pro” at the slopes of famous Parnassos!

Admire the tasteful bookstore Geoskolix, where you will find books, games, and other imaginative suggestions. Find luxurious and thoughtful products for every aspect of your life, at Costa Lekka. Enjoy clothing and accessories for toiletries, lifestyle, and decoration.

When you crave regional delicacies, the options are plentiful! Take home a local olive oil, classic pasta from Genima Gis, a marvelous collection of traditional sweets from Sweet Garden, amazing tea varieties, freshly brewed coffee, chocolates, honey, and superfoods from Oteapineis, a chic boutique for tea enthusiasts!

Discover the wonders of wine tasting like never before and book a visit to Argyriou Winery. Taste and learn more about the different phases of wine making, in a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will not forget!

Indigo: + 30 2267 032525
Best Active: +30  2267 032139
Snow Republic: +30 2267 031552
Geoskolix: +30  2267 032597
Costa Lekka: +30  2267 032560
Genima Gis: +30 2267 0 22050
Sweet Garden: +30 2267 031128
Oteapineis: +30 2267 031606
Argyriou Winery:+ 30 2234 029616

Relax in luxury and sophistication at the Blue Mountain Guesthouses in Arachova

Wrapped by nature’s melody and decorated with rural charm, this escape provides a captivating experience in the heart of the mountains. Blue Mountain Guesthouses in Arachova is a serene refuge that lures you to forsake the ordinary and explore the extraordinary.

Blue Mountain Guesthouse Gaias

Welcome to the cozy and spacious “Gaias” apartment at Blue Mountain Guesthouse. Enjoy the serene atmosphere of this duplex, which can host up to 6 guests and has a studio loft on the second floor. It was renovated in 2019 and features 1 queen-sized bed, 1 sofa bed, 1 double-sized bed (in the loft), and 1 single bed (in the loft). It also has 1 bathroom with a shower and one WC, as well as a radiator, a mini-fridge, and other amenities.

blue mountain gaias Arachova


Blue Mountain Guesthouse Ethra

Relax in the spacious and cozy “Ethra” apartment at Blue Mountain Guesthouse. Invite your friends and delight in this two-story unit spacious enough to accommodate 5 guests. Admire the view from the studio loft on the second floor. It has been renovated in 2019 and features 1 queen-sized bed, 1 sofa bed, and 2 single beds (in the loft). It also has 1 bathroom with a shower and one WC, as well as a radiator, a mini-fridge, and other amenities.

Both guesthouses serve as refined and sophisticated retreats, near the center of Arachova. Indulge in stunning views of the mountains, cozy fireplaces, and nice strolls during the winter, while appreciating the cosmopolitan and lively night atmosphere that attracts visitors from all over the world.


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