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The Perfect Winter Guide to Arachova

Arachova, the ‘emerald’ town in the mountains of central Greece, is a perfect destination for those who love nature, adventure, cuisine, and shopping. When winter comes, Arachova transforms into a paradise of snow, flavors, fashion, and fun! Besides being a celebrated ski resort with splendid views of the frosty peaks[…]

Discover Authentic Mykonos: Unexpected Highlights on an Island True to its Roots

Beyond the surface delights, Mykonos is a magnificent place to unveil cultural riches, historical marvels, and architectural treasures. Organize a day or two to discover off-the-beaten-path wonders beyond the typical perceptions of partying and beaches.  Delight in the harmonious blend of ancient and modern elements as you traverse through quaint[…]

The Magic of Athens

  City of Athens – A Portrait of a Changing Metropolis from Alexandros Maragos on Vimeo. Let the images of this video travel you to the vivid capital of Greece.

Mykonos: Reasons to visit the beautiful Greek island

Mykonos is part of a cluster of islands including Delos, Rhenia and some rocky islets. Mykonos, already inhabited since the 5th millennium B.C. (prehistoric settlement of Ftelia), has shared with them a long and copious history with them. Its intense tourist and cosmopolitan activity, which has continiously kept Mykonos in[…]