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Mykonos Reloaded Summer 2023: Genuine Hospitality, Creative Gastronomy, Vibrant Nights!

Mykonos has a special allure. A beauty that keeps on drawing people back to the island year after year. At first glance, Mykonos is simply a beautiful series of white houses blended into a rocky background. Actually the large rocks scattered around the island protect in a way the myth, and the popularity of a cosmopolitan spot, that is globally known, as the Manhattan of the Aegean!

Surely, the never-ending,
vibrant party scene is always a good reason to come over again and again! But if you simply scratch beneath the surface, Mykonos is also an idyllic destination of magical beaches, luxury accommodation, and haute cuisine restaurants!

Stay updated with the latest Summer 2023 ‘treats’, Mykonos has to offer!

Mykonos is a destination full of delightful surprises!

From chic restaurants to discreet tavernas, this is our Summer 2023 must-see guide that covers the tastes of epicurean enthusiasts, as well as, spoiled taste buds!

Experience unpretentious, healthy food in
Blue Myth Restaurant in Platis Gialos beach- an elegant combination of the old and the new. Appreciate a welcoming atmosphere by a happy team of friendly people that serve meals directly on the beach!

Sate your cravings for an authentic French joie de vivre in Mykonos! The newly opened Bagatelle Mykonos, designed by Fabrizio Casiraghi, has one of the best locations in town: right on the seafront, two minutes away from the iconic windmills! 

Look for an all-inclusive dining experience in Noema, Chora! A space for spontaneous gatherings in a chic club with a stone back alley, featuring contrasting textures of culinary roots cuisine, elixir music, and impeccable drinks from the open bar!

Round off your day in the (not so) secret garden of Interni Restaurant & Bar in Matoyiannia. Become one of Interni lovers, and enjoy fabulous drinks, fantastic music, and a vibrant atmosphere in a stylish environment.

Raise the bar (!) for notorious nightlife in Mykonos, where the party never stops!

Discover the Summer 2023 vibrant nightlife scene, and make the full out of it! Whether you want to go all-out clubbing, or decide on a more laid back, sea view drinking experience, try our top recommendations!

Catch the sinking sun at Caprice, where all – and we literally mean it – pass by! Enjoy the full crowd, but also marvellous drinks on the waterfront. Listen to the water lap at the stone, as the Mediterranean ocean and sky change colors before your eyes!

Get ready for amazing food, sun, and great music! Fteliá 2023 season is going to feature a mix of new, and returning residencies. Make beautiful memories, while you drink with your friends mind-blowing cocktails, and listen to the music of its resident DJs.

Devote an evening in the 180° Sunset Bar located on top of a hill in Penigrakis Castle. Relax with lounge music in the background, and sip one of the bar’s signature cocktails! You are in an open-air setting with a breathtaking view of the island!

Enjoy another fine drinking experience in Adelon Bar, an ultimate chill-out sunset spot with unbeatable sea view and inspired cocktails. Try the ‘Adelon’ with a spoonful of traditional mastiha sweet, and leave everything behind!

As a grande finale, feel the pulse of Mykonian nightlife in
Bomboniere, the sibling bar of Bomboniere London! Admire a stylish and sophisticated interior design, state-of-the-art sound systems, and top-notch DJ performances!

Spend your vacation in Seablue Villas in Mykonos, and discover what epic beauty is all about!

We are delighted to offer you luxury accommodation in our über-chic Seablue Villas! Experience amazing sea views and outstanding services in a stunning unique complex of traditional Cycladic architecture, located in the beautiful, quiet area of Houlakia.

The outdoor area of
Villa Aeracura 2 with a Private Pool is built on three levels. It is situated in the most beautiful location, overlooking the endless blue of the horizon. Admire the private terrace, and indulge in the refreshing pool with a spectacular photogenic sunset! Discover a range of amenities for sunbathing, indulge in our delicious delicacies, and unwind in comfortable loungers or cozy built-in benches. Gaze out at the distant line where the sky meets the sea!

Appreciate the neutral shades, and traditional architecture that make the interiors of Villa Aeracura 2, a comfortable mix of the classic, and the modern. Lay back on the sofa in our beautiful living room in tones of blue and white, and enjoy a welcoming sitting area. Immerse yourself in the beauty of a virtual tour of Villa Aeracura 2, and enjoy unforgettable luxury moments in an idyllic resort!

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